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Are you living or working abroad either full-time or part-time?  Do you want to stay on top of the issues that are affecting you as an American overseas? Keep up with the latest legislative and regulatory changes and latest news that affects you.

Are you a US citizens planning a move abroad?  You intend to move for work, education or family reasons.  Draw on decades of ACA experience, get relevant information and useful tips and important resources that will help with living abroad. 

The easiest way to get involved with ACA is to become a member! Not only will you be supporting our work, but you'll also receive various benefits, check out our Membership page to  learn more.

Join our Campaigns to Congress and the Administration

Want Congress and the committees to hear your thoughts on taxation, voting, citizenship and other issues?  Join our write-in campaigns that get your messaging directly into your Representatives offices and the offices of those working on issues important to you.

Share Your Story with ACA.

Help draw our attention to issues caused by and consequences of US policy and regulations.  Share your stories, challenges and recommendations.  Help us learn and build the community’s knowledge based. If you have a story to share about your experiences living abroad, whether positive or negative, visit the Share Your Story page.

Donate to ACA

ACA relies on the support of its generous donors to allow it to continue supporting and lobbying for Americans Abroad. For more information, view the Donate page.

Contact Your Representatives

Make sure your representative hears from you about your concerns. Let your Representatices know about ACA and ACAGF. Writing to your Representatives does make a difference. All it takes is a handful of cases reported to any one Representative for an issue to gain traction in a Congressional office. To contact your Representatives using the following:

  • Find Your Member Find out who represents you in Congress and detailed information about them.
  • Congress Fax Numbers Be Another website for Congressional contact information.
  • Democracy IO Members of Congress have their own contact forms, however this site simplifies sending a message to your member of Congress.

Volunteer with ACA

If you are interested in supporting ACA further than with a membership, you may want to consider volunteering for ACA. Find out more at the Volunteer with ACA page.

Advertise with Us

If you are interested in advertising to our members, please visit the Advertise with Us page.