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American Citizens Abroad's (ACA, Inc.) mission is to educate, advocate and inform both the US Government and US Citizens living and working abroad on regulatory and legislative issues of concern to the overseas American community.  The US State Department estimates this community to be nearly 9 million strong (US State Department Chart of Statistics).

ACA is the premier thought-leader on issues affecting US Citizens living and working abroad. With over 40 years of experience with a worldwide membership in over 50 countries, ACA is headquartered in Washington, DC. ACA uses its expertise and knowledge to advance proposals that can be accepted and implemented in resolving overseas US citizens community issues and problems.  

  • ACA educates both the US Government and US Citizens living and working overseas on critical issues impacting the overseas American community.
  • ACA advocates for balanced approach to problem-solving and supports efforts that provide tangible results. Developing practical, realistic and implementable recommendations and proposals that will help US citizens living and working abroad and provide them with solutions and resources.
  • ACA informs the community of US citizens overseas by monitoring legislation, engaging in dialogue with the Legislative, Administrative and Judicial branches of the US government. ACA gathers knowledge by consulting with professional experts in relevant fields, canvasing our members, monitoring the media and fielding research projects via our sister organization American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation (ACAGF).

ACA, Inc. is a membership organization incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of Delaware. Its structure and operations fall within the rules applicable to an exempt social welfare organization (section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code). Alongside it is American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation, organized as a publicly-supported charity under section 501(c)(3). There are no other organizations related to either ACA or ACAGF. Neither of these organizations has authorized any individual, entity or other person to represent it or operate in its name in any jurisdiction. Nor has either authorized any person to open on its behalf a representative office in any jurisdiction. Nor has either licensed any person to utilize the name American Citizens Abroad, Inc. or American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation. ACA and ACAGF claim all protections by US and international copyright laws and other applicable laws.

ACA is nonpartisan and does not support any political group.

ACA does not support or campaign for any candidates. It does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. It does not market the services of any person or group.

ACA does not provide individual tax or investment advice and does not represent individuals before the IRS, Treasury or other government agencies.   

ACA does not advocate on behalf of, or represent, individuals on personal issues between the US Administration, US Congress, IRS, Treasury, Social Security or any agency of the US government. 

ACA does not provide professional recommendations however, we do provide a tax preparer directory with resources for tax specialists: