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For nearly forty years American Citizens Abroad (ACA, Inc.) has been educating, advocating and informing both the US Government and US Citizens living and working overseas on issues of concern to the overseas US Citizen community.  ACA works to find practical solutions to resolve issues impacting overseas US Citizens.  ACA is positioned as the premier thought-leader on issues affecting US Citizens living and working overseas.


ACA updates the community through its website, Google Plus, Facebook , and Twitter.  


ACA updates the media via its comprehensive PR platform and direct interviews with international and regional media outlets.


ACA is the only non-partisan, non-profit organization headquartered in the Washington, DC area, representing American overseas issues directly to the US Congress and Administration. 


ACA provides resources for finding qualified tax preparation professionals with its Tax Preparer Directory.

Exclusive ACA membership benefits found in the ACA “Members Only” section include:

  • Access to State-side banking services!  Even if you don’t have a residence or address in the US, you can have a US account, called a ACA-Members/SDFCU account. This is a US account with the State Department Federal Credit Union.  Free checking accounts, savings accounts, IRA accounts, and a wide range of banking services are available, all online.  Based on individual circumstances, these can include dollar-based credit and debit cards, lines of credit, loans, IRA accounts, and much more through ACA members-only access.  For complete detailed information on this product go here
  • ACA quarterly webinars on wide range of topics; updates on tax filing requirements, compliancy issues, changes in Social Security and Medicare and much, much more. 

  • Video updates on Washington, DC and ACA’s advocacy work as well as topics of interest to the community of Americans overseas 

  • ACA Members-only Quarterly Newsletter and email blast updates. 

  • Access to membership in the Royal Overseas League (ROSL), with clubhouses in London and Edinburgh and arrangements with a network of worldwide private clubs, for a reduced entrance fee and all the benefits of being an ROSL member.  ACA members receive 25% off the ROSL joining fee.  Click here for more information on how to join.


  • Notary services from SafeDocs. Notarization of U.S. documents online, no more traveling or shipping extended delays. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. The process takes about 12 minutes and you have your notarized document. Foward via email to the requesting party and that's it! Accepted throughout the United States for any type document, it's simple, safe, secure and much less costly.

American Citizens Abroad, Inc. is organised as a qualified section 501(c)(4) non-profit social welfare organization. This allows ACA to be more official and effective in our contacts with Congress and the Administration and in our work advancing the interests of the millions of Americans living abroad.

Alongside American Citizens Abroad, Inc. is American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation (ACAGF), which is a qualified, tax-exempt section 501(c)(3) organization. This organization is ACA’s sister organization focusing on educating Congress, the Executive Branch and the public on subjects affecting Americans residing outside the US.  Contributions to it are tax-deductible. (See )

Please see our FAQs for information on both American Citizens Abroad, Inc. and American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation.  Be part of this dynamic and important organization by joining now!



  • Regular Membership: for those under 65, renewable yearly at $70
  • Senior Membership: for those over 65, renewable yearly at $55
  • Contributing Member: for those who can contribute a bit more on top of their membership, renewable yearly at $170
  • Lifetime Membership: One-time payment of $600

 Join online now! 

Yearly membership dues are payable on a once-a-year renewal basis calculated from the day you join.  Once paid, membership dues are not refundable.

Make your membership renewal easy by clicking “Recurring Billing” when you input your credit card information.  This way your membership is automatically renewed every year making sure you don’t lose your valuable ACA membership benefits; the SDFCU account, ACA newsletter and access to our members-only webinars. 

Your membership information is confidential and will not be shared with any third party and will not be reported to the Federal government or any state or local government.

Your canceled check or charge card billing is proof of payment and membership. Please be sure to read our business terms and conditions.



If you are unable to pay online, please fill out our membership form, scan and send via email to: or send it by postal mail to our office in Rockville, Maryland:

American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA, Inc.) 
11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 100-162 
Rockville, MD 20852

Alternatively, a personal check (US dollars only) can be sent to the same address. Processing time for membership will be longer if this option is chosen.

Thank you for your support!