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ACA has been advocating for nearly 40 years on behalf of Americans living and working overseas. As the environment for US citizens abroad has evolved and as the numbers have increased, with the US State Department estimating 9 million Americans living overseas (US State Department Chart of Statistics), so have the issues evolved. 

The problems US citizens face while living abroad are not static. ACA collects information from our membership and monitors the most recent changes in US legislation that affects US citizens abroad. ACA’s network of Country Contacts also filters information into ACA, letting our management know about specific issues affecting Americans in their jurisdictions.

ACA works to develop practical and implementable proposals to solve the problems and issues that US citizens abroad are facing. ACA uses best practices in its advocacy work and this is what sets ACA apart.


Some of our recent positions

Taxation: Advocating for a move to a Residence-based taxation platform while also addressing the shortcomings of the current CBT and offering interim corrective measures.

Compliance: Advocating for the simplification of US tax compliance for US citizens abroad, reducing paperwork and the cost of compliancy (FATCA, FBAR, etc.)

Citizenship: Advocating for transmission of US citizenships to children born of US citizens abroad or adopted by US citizens abroad.

Voting: Advocating for unhindered exercise of voting right for US citizens eligible to vote.

Representation: Advocating for direct representation in Congress of US citizen abroad.

Medicare: Advocating for the extension of Medicare benefits to US citizens abroad.

Social Security Advocating for the elimination of penalties for US citizens drawing on both US and foreign government retirement programs.

Consular Access and the State Department:  Advocating to insure that US citizens abroad have access to Consular and State Department services.