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  • Hover over Membership, and click on How to Join




  • Click on Join Today




  • Click on Join and Apply Now




  • Click on Personal




  • Eligibility:
    • Under Select your eligibility: choose "I qualify through my relationship with one of your organizational affiliates", then choose American Citizens Abroad (ACA) from the dropdown list.
    • Under Please select one of the following choices: choose "Please Select" and choose ACA Member. 




  • Required Products - a Regular Share Savings Account is a required product for all SDFCU account applications.  Click on the + to add this product to your application.  



  • Add any Additional Products and then click Continue.


In order to activate your ACA-Members/SDFCU account, you must be an ACA member and US citizen.  You do not need to provide them with your ACA membership.  SDFCU will work with ACA to confirm your membership with ACA as part of the application process.  SDFCU application processing time is approximately one week. 


Check for updates on your SDFCU application by visiting the Membership page on the SDFCU website, click on “Join Today” and then select “Check Application Status”.