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 Monica Toth, whose appeal to the Supreme Court to have her case heard was deniedR case
The American Expat Financial News Journal (January 24, 2023)
BREAKING: US Supreme Court declines to hear FBAR plea of Boston-area gran, 82
"Advocates of a fairer treatment by the U.S. of "ordinary" American taxpayers who find themselves accused of financial transgressions they weren't aware of have been expressing disappointment – as well as concern – over a U.S. Supreme Court decision not to hear a case involving an 82-year-old American grandmother's challenge of a US$2.17 million fine she received for having failed to file FBARs (Foreign Bank Account Reports)."
"The American Citizens Abroad, the U.S. expat advocacy organization based in Washington, DC, said the Supreme Court's decision not to hear the Toth case was "unfortunate," and added that even though Monica Toth isn't a U.S. citizen living overseas, her situation nevertheless did "raise concerns for U.S. citizens living and working overseas who, often, out of misunderstanding and the complexity of the current tax laws, run afoul of FBAR filings."
"'This is why ACA's work to educate Congress and the Administration, in particular with its recent research study on the community of U.S. citizens living abroad, is so important.'"