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ACA Country Information Managers are a volunteer network of on the ground “eyes and ears” for ACA, Inc. and ACA Global Foundation (ACAGF). ACA Country Information Managers educate ACA on the issues.  As issues vary depending on the country or region where US citizens are living, it is key to ACA’s advocacy work to understand how current US policy, law and practices are affecting individuals in their communities.

ACA Country Information Managers help identify the media outlets, clubs and organizations with which Americans are engaging, and work to provide these Americans with information on ACA advocacy work and ACAGF with its education and research outreach.

ACA Country Information Managers are all unpaid volunteers, do not provide advice or professional council and are not qualified representative of ACA for official communications. 

ACA has Country Information Managers in the countries listed below.  Are you connected to Americans in your community?  Are you part of American clubs and organizations in your community? Are you a motivated self-starter, dedicated to serving the American overseas community?  If so get in touch and find out how to become an ACA Country Information Manager by reaching us at: for more information.

Aruba  Australia  Austria

Bahamas  Belgium  Bermuda

Canada  Chile  China  Czech Republic

Egypt  Ethiopia

Finland  France

Germany  Greece  Guatemala

India  Ireland Italy



Malaysia  Mexico  Morocco


Pakistan  Panama  Philippines  Poland  Portugal


Spain  Sweden  Switzerland

Taiwan  Thailand  Turkey

United Arab Emirates  United Kingdom  USA