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ACA's comprehensive worldwide guide to tax preparers:


ACA-Members/SDFCU account

Need a US bank account even though you are living overseas?  ACA has the answer with the ACA-Member/SDFCU account.  As an ACA member you can open this account from distance and have access to a full range of products.  Find out more here:


ACA Publication

So Far and Yet So Near

So Far and Yet So Near

This is a fascinating collection of over forty personal stories from American citizens living around the world. Their stories provide refreshing and sometimes profoundly different perspectives on America, reaffirming the strength and diversity of our national character. Readers will discover how national identity can be tied to a simple birdfeeder, how a naked man in Penn Station teaches an important lesson to a returning American, and much more. This book is their book, and yours, confirming how the millions of Americans living overseas make a difference in all our lives. Help ACA, Inc. by buying this book from ACA or any bookseller such as Amazon.


ACA Archived Content

Search here for ACA's past work on issue important to the overseas Americans community. 


Contacting Congress  — Directory for finding your representative in the US House of Representatives — Directory for locating your representative in the US Senate.  — Directory for locating the congressional staff  in your House or Senate representative’s office (can be found by name or by office of Representative) — Directory for staffing of Congressional Committees — Directory for the leadership of the US House of Representatives — Directory for the leadership of the US Senate  — Legislative Calendar for the US House of Representatives

Congress Fax Numbers
Be Another website for Congressional contact information.

Democracy IO
Members of Congress have their own contact forms, however this site simplifies sending a message to your member of Congress.

A civic engaement platform that meshes real-time legislative data with users' personal stories and sentiment, deliviering public input to the Government in a format tailored to actionable policy decisions.

How to interact with your Member of Congress to get laws changed


US Government websites

Bureau of Consular Affairs fact sheet
Summary ot State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs activities around the world (fiscal year 2019)

Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman; helping individuals and employers who need to resolve a problem with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

All about Medicare--the official government website

Social Security Administration
All about the US Social Security system

The State Department on Facebook
You can interact with the Department of State on its Facebook page.

Library of Congress
The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) at the Library of Congress provides free library services for US citizens living abroad who cannot use regular print due to blindness or other physical limitations.

National Taxpayer Advocate 
An independant organization within the IRS that serves to protect taxpayers rights.

IRS International Taxpayers Interactive Tools
Index to IRS information for international tax matters.

IRS taxpayers abroad
Guide for US taxpayers living outside the USA.

Frequently asked questions concerning US taxes abroad.

Joint FAQs
A 6-page series of FAQs relating to citizenship, Social Security numbers, FATCA, tax compliance and expatriation.



Living and Working Abroad

Association of American Clubs around the world.

Adrian Leeds Group
Provides comprehensive property services for Anglophones who desire to live, work, or invest in France.

Avvinue is an all-in-one relocation concierge platform to easily manage an international relocation and get access to on-demand relocation specialists around the world.

Center for Taxpayers Rights
A non-profit organization dedicated to furthering taxpayer's awareness and access to taxpayer rights. 

Families in Global Transition
FIGT Families in Global Transition--helping families worldwide.

The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas, Inc.

Web-based classified advertisements and articles serving English-speaking communities of Paris and the surrounding area.

FUSAC - Bill & Rosa’s Book Room
Used book shop and Lending Library near Paris, France.

Going Global
A site that provides career-related content and services for global job seekers.

Pathways to Safety International 
Help for family violence problems.

US Alumni Club
An international community of US University alumni, creating social and professional opportunities to help our members thrive.

Women's International Networking
WIN organizes an international conference every year in September.

ISS-USA connects vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by a state or international border, to the services and support they need. 


Finances and Insurance

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
For submitting complaints about US banks and financial services.

Expat Financial – International insurance resource and agency for expatriates, including global medical insurance coverage for American expatriates living abroad

Financial Dispute Resolution Network, European banking "Ombudsman"

International health insurance
Guide to buying health insurance while living abroad

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (US)
For answers and assistance to customers of US national banks.

Swiss banking Ombudsman
Have a specific complaint about a bank based in Switzerland? Try this Swiss banking Ombudsman service.



Overseas military voters
Military and Overseas Voting Rights.

Brennan Center
The Brennan Center for Justice provides documentation on research, legislation, and court cases related to Voting in America.  Topics include redistricting/gerrymandering, voter suppression, voting reform, voter fraud, and the voting rights act.

Democrats Abroad
The overseas branch of the US Democratic Party.

Regular news on voting issues from the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Federal Voting Assistance Program
Absentee voting assistance for uniformed services members and overseas citizens.

Overseas Vote Foundation
Register in your home state using the Overseas Vote Foundation website, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, non-government registration site.

Republicans Overseas
Facebook page for Republicans Overseas.

US Vote Foundation
Absentee ballot request and voter registration services for all US voters in all states at home and abroad.


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