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US tax legislation is complicated, burdensome, unfair and makes Americans uncompetitive


US legislation is resulting in denial of financial services to Americans residing overseas


All Americans should have the right to transmit US citizenship to their children

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Filing Your Taxes

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Tax Reform

Senate Finance Committee tax reform submissions

ACA thanks all members and supporters who answered ACA’s call to submit their thoughts on tax reform to the Senate Finance Committee. Many of the International committee submissions were from Americans citing the problems and complexities of the current tax policy for those living and working overseas.  Read more...

Upcoming Events

ACA London Chapter information session on taxes and investments in the UK

Thursday May 28, 2015 starting at 6:30pm in London, England Read more...

ACA Global Foundation online auction

June 4th to 14th, 2015 


Next steps to making ACA’s "Same Country Exemption" a reality

Now that the Taxpayer Advocate has come out in support of combining FBAR and FATCA to ease reporting for Americans living overseas, you can help ACA gather the documentation it needs to go back to the table with Treasury.  If you are an American resident overseas and have had a foreign financial institution close your financial account(s) or have been denied banking services, please send us your testimony HERE. More importantly we need documentation; letters, announcements, website postings, etc. from foreign financial institutions indicating that financial services are being denied due to FATCA, US legislation or because of the fact that you are an American citizen.  Read more...


ACA continues advancing its advocacy work for Residence-based taxation (RBT)

Following up on the Senate Finance Committee’s request for tax reform submissions, ACA continues advancing its advocacy work for Residence-based taxation (RBT) by making its recent submission. ACA submitted its proposal in April 2015 for a workable platform for Residence-based taxation with renewed thinking and updated data and statistics. See this document (April 2015).

ACA in Washington

ACA meets with Congressional and key tax reform offices

ACA’s onsite presence in Washington, DC is key to keeping awareness of the issues affecting the community of Americans overseas top of mind with the legislature. In early February 2015, ACA Executive Director, Marylouise Serrato and ACA Tax Team Director, Jackie Bugnion, were in Washington, DC knocking on doors to keep focus on ACA’s Residence-based taxation proposal (RBT).

ACA was back engaging in tactical meetings with House Ways & Means and Senate Finance, the two key tax writing offices of the US legislature. ACA has met with all the committee members for these two tax writing offices, and ACA continues to update those offices, making return visits, providing them with research, testimonials and practical information on the continuing problems facing overseas Americans. Read more...

Social Security

Obtaining your Social Security Number

Over time, the US Social Security Number (SSN) has evolved from merely the number of your account for retirement savings to something akin to a single national identification number that follows you throughout your US administrative life. It is indispensable on passport applications, tax returns, financial account reporting and numerous other business forms. And now it has gone international: under FATCA (the Financial Account Tax Compliance Act) banks and other financial institutions around the world are compelled to ask American citizen clients for an IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification), which includes their SSN.

For many American citizens (or green card holders) living abroad such requests occasion panic. They haven’t thought of their SSN for years (if ever). Some never had one; some have lost theirs, don’t remember the number, or don’t even know if they ever had one.  Read more...

ACA awards

Thomas Jefferson Award

ACA is calling for nominations for its 2015 Thomas Jefferson Award honoring State Department employees who have given exemplary service to American citizens residing abroad. ACA launched the Thomas Jefferson Award in 1994 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson, America's first Secretary of State. The impressive nominations submitted for prior Awards testify to deep appreciation by US citizens abroad for exceptional service received from State Department employees.

ACA is now accepting nominations for the 2015 award. For details click here.

FATCA reporting

Revised FATCA Reporting Requirements

US taxpayers both in the US and abroad should be aware of the latest foreign bank account reporting requirements which are now in effect.   Read more....

Afffordable Care Act

Another New Tax Form for Americans Abroad

The Affordable Care Act now requires all Americans to have "essential coverage" for health care insurance.  US citizens living overseas, subject to US income tax, can be exempted from the "essential coverage" provision if they satisfy certain requirements. Read more...     

Taxpayer Advocate

Advocate Report Highlights Concerns for Overseas Filers

The National Taxpayer Advocate Report for 2014 highlights some serious concerns that the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) has for overseas filing requirements. Read more...

In Washington

Senate Finance Committee Says Time to “Rethink” Tax Rules for Americans Overseas

ACA is pleased to see members of the Senate Finance Committee joining the growing chorus of supporters for Residence Based Taxation. In a new policy paper (full report here), Republican staff of the Senate Finance Committee have proposed major changes to the way the United States taxes its citizens overseas. According to the report, “The United States needs to rethink its taxing rules for nonresident U.S. citizens.” Read the ACA press release dated December 19, 2014...

Investment Planning

Why are overeas Americans barred from buying US Mutual Funds?

For once it’s not US tax policy. ACA Executive Committee and Board member, Jonathan Lachowitz explains why the landscape has changed for Americans overseas with US based mutual fund accounts.  Read more...

ACA Video


ACA has released a short (90 seconds) educational video on FATCA highlighting how the legislation is affecting Americans legitimately living and working overseas.  ACA encourages all members and supporters to write to their representatives in Congress and educate them on FATCA.  Please let others know about FATCA by sharing the ACA video.

Other Updates

New IRS Streamlined Procedure adopts ACA's Suggestions and Recommendations

The IRS has listened to ACA, the Taxpayer Advocate and tax professionals and included our suggestions and recommendations in their new Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures program (SFOP).  The program emphasizes simplicity over complexity and allows individuals to come into compliance without being subject to typical tax penalties (failure-to-file, failure-to-pay, accuracy-related, etc.).  This is a great step forward and shows that the IRS is aware that the community of Americans overseas are not criminal tax evaders.  This is in great part due to ACA’s efforts in Washington, DC, the Voice of Americans Overseas working to bring about positive change for Americans overseas.  See the link to our June 23, 2014, press release here .