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Colleen Graffy in the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 2015): The Law That Makes U.S. Expats Toxic (subscription needed)

Bloomberg View (April 2015): End the American Expat Tax

John L. Habib in Beltway Insiders (April 2015): The Prosperity Corps: Millions of Americans Selling Products and Services Abroad | Commentary

Withers Worldwide explains that FATCA might not be so bad after all (Nov. 2014): Who's afraid of FATCA?

Jonathan Lachowitz (financial planner and ACA board member) has written an article in the Wall Street Journal about keeping your US credit rating up to date (February 2015): Ask an Expert: 6-1/2 Expat Tips for Protecting Your Credit Rating

Robert W. Wood in Forbes (Jan 14, 2015): National Taxpayer Advocate Slams IRS Offshore Programs & FBAR Penalties, Demands Change

Robert W. Wood in Forbes (Jan 13, 2015): IRS Unleashes Global FATCA Data Exchange, Offshore Transparency Everywhere

ABC News has a report on the "Record Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship Because of Overseas Tax Burdens" (Oct. 2014)

Virginia La Torre Jeker's blog "Angloinfo" has a recent item (Sept. 2014) describing problems that FATCA has raised for dual citizens: "Thank You FATCA, You've Just Left Me Stateless"

An excellent op-ed item by David Kuenzi published in the Wall Street Journal (July 9, 2014): "American Expats' Tax Nightmare"

The Economist explains why America’s new law on tax compliance is heavy-handed, inequitable and hypocritical (June 2014): "FATCA's flaws"

Richard Rubin of Bloomberg explains the new FATCA rules (June 30, 2014): Offshore Tax Crackdown Opens With 30% Penalties for Banks

Barbara Stcherbatcheff in Newsweek quotes ACA and others about problems with taxes and FATCA (June 28, 2014): "Why Americans Abroad Are Giving Up Their Citizenship"

Even the Russians have signed on to FATCA now (Russian Times, June 30, 2014): "The new American tax dictate FATCA comes into force"

The Wall Street Journal (June 16, 2014): "Expatriate Americans Break Up With Uncle Same to Escape Tax Rules"

The Washington Post cites ACA, Inc. concerning US taxpayers living abroad (May 22, 2014): "It is getting harder to hide money from Uncle Sam offshore"

The Canadians continue to criticize FATCA (The Globe and Mail, April 2014): "How the U.S. pulled off the great Canadian privacy giveaway"

The New American (April 2014) cites ACA, Inc. in a devastating attack on FATCA: "The Dark Road: The Worst Tax Law You've Never Heard About"

The applicability of the new "Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)" to US citizens abroad is still unclear, according to this article in the Tax Adviser (April 2014): "Americans Living Abroad and the Net Investment Income Tax"

Kim Hjelmgaard in USA TODAY (March 2014): "Americans abroad find citizenship too taxing to keep"

The Canadians are upset about FATCA according to Don Whiteley in BC Business (Canada) Feb 7, 2014: "Canada Capitulates on FATCA Agreement"

Robert W. Wood in Forbes (Feb. 6, 2014): "Americans Renouncing Citizenship Up 221%, All Aboard The FATCA Express"

AXA bank in France is dumping all its US clients (Le Point, 6 February 2014, in French): "Axa Banque ferme les comptes de ses clients américains en France !"

The GAO report on voluntary disclosure is critically examined by Patrick W. Martin and G. Michelle Ferreira (Procopia, Jan. 10, 2014): "The 2013 GAO Report of the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program"

ACA's proposal to the Senate Finance Committee is already being talked about (Accounting Today, Jan 2014): "Expatriate Group Submits Tax Proposal to Senate"

The Tax Advocate's remarks on FATCA are also in the news (International Adviser, Jan 2014): "IRS watchdog says agency's offshore voluntary disclosure schemes too harsh"