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American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA, Inc.), the voice of Americans overseas, is a Washington, DC based, non-profit, nonpartisan, volunteer organization representing the interests of Americans living and working outside the US to the Executive Branch, Congressional and Judicial branches of the US Government.

ACA’s mission is to bring to the attention of the US Government the issues and concerns facing the community of Americans overseas and to work with Congress and other branches of government on solutions to problems facing this community. ACA also actively looks for ways to improve the lives of Americans overseas and works to implement these.

ACA, Inc. is a membership organization representing Americans living abroad. It is incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of Delaware. Its structure and operations fall within the rules applicable to an exempt social welfare organization (section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code). Alongside it is American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation, organized as a publicly-supported charity under section 501(c)(3).

ACA's leaders – Board of Directors and Executive Committee – are American citizens who have lived or are living abroad. Often they have lived and worked in several different locations outside the USA.

ACA is dedicated to:

Representing overseas Americans’ interests to the Congressional, Administrative and Judicial branches of the US government.

Working with the Congress, Administration and Judiciary to educate on them on issues and finding solutions to problems facing overseas Americans.

Learning from our membership what problems confront them and how they might best be solved with ACA working on their behalf.

Informing our membership on legislation and giving them resources via our newsletter, website and Facebook page. While, in order to inform its membership, ACA posts on its website information and some links to other sources, ACA’s mission is not that of an accumulator and/or disseminator of news.

ACA is nonpartisan and does not support any political group. ACA favors a balanced approach to subjects, supporting efforts that provide tangible results.

It does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. It does not market the services of any person or group. With the ACA Tax Preparers Directory, as a service to its members and the public, it provides a free-of-charge listing of professional tax return preparers.

Why is ACA needed?

Unlike some other countries, the United States government does not have any formalized, supportive relationship with its citizens living abroad. Americans living overseas have no specific representation in Congress. No effective mechanism is in place to educate Congress to the issues affecting the daily lives of Americans overseas. When legislation is passed, Americans living overseas are equally affected by laws which often have unforeseen and sometimes negative consequences for the overseas community, yet no governmental agency is responsible for informing Americans abroad of legislative and regulatory developments affecting them. In recent years, due to budget concerns, attention to communicating with and helping Americans overseas has diminished significantly. ACA SERVES THIS ROLE BY EDUCATING CONGRESS AND ADVOCATING FOR OVERSEAS AMERICANS.

How does ACA work with Congress?

ACA is the only organization representing overseas Americans’ interests with permanent offices in Washington, DC. This allows ACA to maintain daily contact with and regularly meet with key offices such as; The Americans Abroad Caucus, House Ways & Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee, Joint Committee on Taxation, Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department, as well as other House and Senate offices, to educate them on legislation and regulations affecting overseas Americans. In addition, ACA keeps its wide range of Washington contacts working in related areas updated on issues related to overseas Americans abroad issues. ACA regularly communicates with major media outlets updating them on issues and is regularly quoted in the press.

Why we are qualified:

  • Proven track record with over 35 years' experience in representing overseas Americans.
  • ACA’s research and case work has been used in the development of congressional legislation and cited in US judicial rulings.
  • Washington, DC presence ensuring ongoing dialogue with key legislative and administrative offices.
  • Ongoing interface with the Americans Abroad Caucus
  • Publication of position papers, research reports and white papers on core issues.
  • Ongoing communications and dialogue with worldwide media. ACA is regularly quoted in major media outlets.
  • Maintains and cultivates alliances with other overseas groups such as MECACC (Middle East Council of American Chambers of Commerce), FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas), AMCHAM, AARO (Association of Americans Resident Overseas).
  • Network of Country Contacts based in 45+ countries
  • Partnerships with AMOVR (Alliance for Military and Voting Rights), Overseas Vote Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trust

The issues we work on:

  • Voting – absentee procedures and voters’ rights
  • Citizenship – transmission of US citizenship to children born abroad
  • Taxation – implementation of Residency-based taxation, ease reporting requirements for current Citizenship-based taxation
  • Social Security – elimination of the WEP penalty
  • Medicare – redress non-coverage of eligible persons living abroad
  • Representation – non-voting Delegate(s) in Congress
  • Banking –insure financial banking integrity for overseas Americans.

How can ACA help me? How does ACA work?

ACA, Inc. sets annual goals depending on the current legislative initiatives and changes in law. Our volunteer staff work in teams structured around key areas of concern for our constituents: taxation, banking access, representation, citizenship, voting, etc.

ACA develops specific efforts behind current issues (write-in campaigns, meetings with legislators, etc.). ACA representatives meet with relevant offices of the Congress and Administration in Washington, DC; work on communications campaigns, interface with contacts in the government, media, industry; research and stay informed on issue developments.

ACA activities are monitored monthly at our Executive Committee meetings and reported to our members and supporters via our electronic communications; newsletter, website postings, Facebook, etc.

The ACA Executive Director and Legal Counsel are based in Washington, DC and have primary responsibility for contact with Congress and the Administration. ACA also maintains offices in Geneva, Switzerland where the organization was first established and where some members of the Board and Executive Committee are based. ACA Board and Executive Committee members are based worldwide to ensure that ACA has a global understanding of the issues affecting overseas Americans.