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ACA’s headquartered offices are Washington, DC-based allowing the US Capitolorganization access to advocate directly with legislators on Capitol Hill on a regular basis and build relationships with stakeholders.

ACA is ideally suited to the job because we are non-partisan and represent an independent voice on subjects affecting US citizens living and working abroad.ACA is respected in Congress for bringing solutions to problems that are in the best interests of the community without political bias. ACA has a dedicated presence in Washington, DC - a team of professionals available to the Congress and Administration. We are literally an Uber ride away from key offices in Congress.

ACA educates Members and their staff on the issues affecting US citizens living and working abroad. ACA works with the members of the Americans Abroad Caucus, Co-chaired by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) , Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-NV) and Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL).

ACA maintains ongoing contacts with key legislative offices such as the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), House Ways & Means Committee and, Senate Finance Committee, Government Accountability Office (GAO), Treasury and the IRS. These offices regularly reach out to ACA for input on the problems and concerns of the community of Americans overseas.  As part of our work, ACA partners with other associations such as the US Vote Foundation and works with other stakeholder organizations.  The US State Department estimates that there are 9 million US citizens living and working overseas (US State Department Chart of Statistics).



The problems US citizens face while living abroad are not static. ACA collects information from our membership and monitors the most recent changes in US legislation and how they affect US citizens abroad. 

Taxation: Reform tax policy should and adopt  residency-based taxation (RBT) implemented for US citizens living and working overseas. 

Compliance: Simplification of US tax compliance for US citizens abroad, reducing paperwork and the cost of compliancy (FATCA, FBAR, etc.), addressing foreign financial institution lock-out and the effects of TCJA on overseas Americans (GILTI, Transition Tax).

Citizenship: Ease transmission of US citizenships to children born of US citizens abroad or adopted by US citizens abroad.

Voting: Unhindered exercise of voting rights for US citizens eligible to vote.

Representation: Enhance the representation of US citizens living and working overseas in Congress.

Medicare: Extension of Medicare benefits to US citizens abroad.

Social Security Elimination of penalties caused by US citizens drawing on both US and foreign government retirement programs (Windfall Elimination Provision).

Consular Access and the State Department: Ensure that US citizens abroad have access to Consular and State Department services.