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The Florentine, August 24, 2020

American Citizens Abroad launches “Voice Your Vote” challenge

"ACA, the Washington, DC-based non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c)(4) advocacy organization representing Americans living and working overseas, has launched its 5-Day Challenge to encourage Americans overseas to ensure their vote is heard in the upcoming elections."
"The 5-Day Challenge asks individuals to watch a short video and read a short article on a voting-related topic and then use the ACA Voice Your Vote write-in campaign to contact those running for office asking where they stand on issues."

"ACA’s advocacy work on voting is a fundamental part of the organization’s history. Over 40 years ago, ACA’s founders worked, along with other overseas organizations, on the campaign that resulted in allowing Americans overseas to vote in federal elections via absentee ballot. 'ACA’s advocacy on voting shows just what can be accomplished if organizations work together and strategically advocate to Congress. ACA believes we can replicate this with our educational and advocacy work for tax reform and residency-based taxation (RBT),' said Charles Bruce, Chairman of ACAGF. 'The best way to educate Congress so they can write legislation and regulations to correct problems resulting from current tax policy is to hold hearings. It’s time Americans abroad get their issues in front of those who can effect change. With dedication and focus, we are confident this can happen.'”