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All Americans should enjoy the same right to transmit US citizenship to all of their children at birth, including all children born to or adopted by a US citizen abroad.


Executive summary

Every year about 60,000 children are born overseas to a US citizen parent. Of these, 90% acquire US citizenship at birth while 10% do not. The right to a nationality at birth is one of the most fundamental of human rights, as it opens the door to membership in our society and all other related rights. It is obvious that 6,000 children each year deserve better treatment. ACA is continuing its support of revised legislation to make it easier to transmit US citizenship to children born or adopted abroad.See: ACA's Position on Children's Citizenship


History of Child's Citizenship

US citizenship laws have changed continuously over the years. Elsewhere on this website you will find a chronology of these changes since 1790.


Determining and Transmitting US Citizenship

Citizenship and Residency

Frequently Asked Questions about US Citizenship

Requirements of US Citizenship: Taxes, Military Service, Passports

US Citizens and International Law