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Make a tax-deductible donation to ACA Global Foundation's (ACAGF) educational and research work to support passage of  Residence-Based Taxation (RBT). Living with the onerous IRS requirement to file US taxes regardless of your actual residency, you no doubt understand the need for the US to switch to a RBT system. That’s where ACA and ACAGF's research work comes in. ACAGF has gone back to its data and research work fielded in 2017 and has updated and added to the work done by the highly regarded District Economics Group (DEG). ACAGF’s data is the only private-sector research on taxation of Americans overseas. ACAGF will use this research to educate the Congress and offices on Capitol Hill on the need to adopt RBT. ACAGF's research and educational efforts have already been invaluable in offices ACA has visited with and will be the lynchpin for Congressional hearings. Donate today, better yet, check with your employer to see if they have a donation matching program. ACAGF, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, qualifies for matching donations.

Listen to ACA’s recent webinar with DEG on the importance of ACAGF's research work for RBT.

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ACA is on-site in Washington, DC to monitor tax legislation that is on the agenda for the 117th Congress and will be taken up in the Fall of 2021.

ACA’s meetings with US Treasury and tax-writing committees tell us that individual international taxation will be addressed in upcoming legislative efforts. 

ACAGF has the best private-sector research and data on the overseas American community.

Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests tell us that the IRS and the US Treasury have an incomplete picture of the community of taxpayers overseas.

ACAGF’s ground-breaking analysis of baseline information will be key to hearings held on the subject of international tax reform.

Data and research are the "coin of the realm” in Washington, DC and ACA continues to be the reputable and respected "go to source" for this.

Now is the time to donate to ACAGF’s research efforts.




ACA will advocate (lobby) for enactment of a Residence-Based Taxation (RBT) and to hold hearings. Hearings are the essential next step in the process for legislative change. ACA has already met with new members of Congress, staffs of the tax writing committees and will continue to meet with key offices like Joint Committee on Taxation, the Treasury Department, including the Office of the Tax Legislative Counsel. ACA is also working to pull in other key “players,” to educate and build support. Ex: American Chambers of Commerce, US international small and large businesses, think tanks and advocacy groups. The RBT Coalition is an important group of organizations from a wide spectrum of interests supporting residence-based taxation.




Donations for advocacy and lobbying efforts must be made to ACA, Inc. and are not tax deductible.

Donations for research and educational efforts must be made to ACAGF and are tax deductible. (See ACAGF website for details on this.)

If you want to send a check for your donation, please make the donation payable to:
-American Citizens Abroad, Inc. for lobbying efforts and
-American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation for tax-deductible donations.

2001 L Street N.W., Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036