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Help Us Achieve Tax Reform!

What you can do today!


1. Join the ACA "Americans Abroad Fight for Tax Fairness” write in campaign to hold hearings on the wide-range of tax issues. This is the next step in the process for achieving tax reform for Americans overseas. 

2. Support ACA. ACA, with no political affiliation, and working only in the interest of the community, is ideally positioned to advocate for tax reform for Americans overseas.




Here is how your contribution will help: 

1. ACA will advocate (lobby) for enactment of a Residency-Based Taxation (RBT) and to hold hearings. Hearings are the essential next step in the process for legislative change. 

2. ACA will meet with the new Congress, Members’ staffs and staffs of the committees, like Joint Committee on Taxation, House Ways & Means Committee, and Senate Finance Committee. It will also lobby the Treasury Department, including the Office of the Tax Legislative Counsel. 

3. ACA will hold meetings with, and activate other key “players,” to educate and build support. Ex: American Chambers of Commerce, US international small and large businesses, think tanks and advocacy groups. 

4. ACA and ACAGF will continue updating the community through its webinars and podcasts on developments and advancements in Congress. 

5. ACAGF will continue research and educational efforts to support additional research and analysis leading to improved database and detailed revenue estimates. 

Donations for advocacy and lobbying efforts must be made to ACA, Inc. and are not tax deductible.

Donations for research and educational efforts must be made to ACAGF and are tax deductible. (See ACAGF website for details on this.) 

If you want to send a check for your donation, please make the donation payable to:
-American Citizens Abroad, Inc. for lobbying efforts and
-American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation for tax-deductible donations.


2001 L Street N.W., Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036


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