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Celebrating 45 Years of Voting from Overseas


The First Absentee Ballots


45 years ago the first law ensuring Americans living abroad the right to vote was passed. This week, ACA celebrates this milestone by looking at the history of securing the right to vote while living abroad, how important the overseas vote has been in past, and how important this vote is this election year.



In 1975, Americans overseas gained the right to vote via absentee ballot, but did you know that the use of absentee ballots all began in 1864 when 25 states allowed soldiers in the Civil War to vote absentee? Lincoln won 78% of the military’s vote, securing the second term of his presidency.

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Don’t be a voluntary non-voter! Take advantage of this right and get involved in every aspect of the democratic process by having your voice heard. Let the candidates know that you will only vote for them if they support your position on the issue that matter to you: