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Americans Abroad Caucus

In early 2007 Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), formed the first bipartisan Americans Abroad Caucus to address the concerns of several million US citizens living outside the United States. The caucus has rapidly grown in membership. 

A caucus is an informal group that brings together members of Congress who want to combine their political muscle to take action on a given issue. While caucuses do not receive funding, staff, or office space, this caucus can provide a valuable forum for overseas Americans to make their voices heard in Washington.

Currently, the Americans Abroad Caucus consists of 28 members of the House of Representatives especially attuned to the problems of American citizens living outside the USA. Chaired by Dina Titus (D-NV).  

The Caucus collectively and members individually have been instrumental in bringing several problems to the attention of other House members:

  • Higher FATCA thresholds for citizens living abroad and possible "same country exemption."
  • Improving "streamlined" procedures for non-filers living abroad.
  • Increased safeguards for passport denial because of unpaid taxes.
  • Introducing legislation for a commission to study how Federal laws affect Americans abroad.
  • Easing restrictions on absentee voting for military and overseas civilians.
  • Call for hearings on access to basic banking services for Americans overseas.
  • Request for a census of Americans abroad.
  • Making House members' websites more user-friendly for overseas constituents.

More information on the Caucus along with direct links to their websites can be found at: Members

ACA continues to maintain close contacts with the Americans Abroad Caucus and we encourage you to suggest that your own Representative join the Caucus.