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ACA believes that the best long-term solution for Americans overseas in having their voice heard is direct representation in Congress through Delegates elected by the overseas community. The overseas American community should have right to its own representation, particularly given the special issues they face, the growing complexities of the global markets and the role that Americans overseas play in the competitiveness of the United States.

Resources for Representation

ACA’s advocacy work in Washington, DC helps meet the need for direct representation.  ACA regularly meets with Congress and key legislative offices such as; Joint Committee on Taxation, Senate Finance, House Ways & Means to insure that overseas American issues are being represented and dealt with by the legislature.   ACA also maintains ongoing contact with the State Department and other Federal agencies like the Taxpayer Advocate, the IRS and Treasury.

Another important body representing Americans overseas is the Americans Abroad Caucus. Founded in 2007 in the House of Representatives, this Caucus counts about 25 members at present, representing many states and all regions of the nation, from the West Coast, the Mid West, the South and the East Coast. The Caucus is co-chaired by Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Mick Mulvaney (R-SC). ACA maintains ongoing contact with the Caucus Co-chairs and updates the Caucus on issues affecting Americans living and working overseas.

Another important part of ACA’s work in Washington, DC is its outreach to organizations and institutions working on our issues.  These professional organizations in the fields of tax policy, finance, advocacy, citizen rights and others are key to ACA’s advocacy work.