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There is no need for a US citizen to provide a US Social Security number in order to apply for or renew a US passport.  However, US citizens who do not have a Social Security number, when applying for a US passport, must provide a signed statement stating that they were never issued a US Social Security number. 


At ACA’s recommendation, the US State Department has updated the FAQs found on their page, “Applying for a US passport from outside of the United States website page,” to include the aforementioned information, see:  


Although Social Security numbers are not needed for applying for or renewing US passports, US Social Security numbers are needed for other US government agency services and US employment purposes.  ACA recommends that US citizens considering more interaction with the US government agencies, filing US taxes, US employment market, etc. consider applying for a US Social Security number.

For more information about US passports, see our ACA webpage here.


This ACA webpage was updated on 18 November 2016