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Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense, lived in the nascent United States as an American, and abroad as an expatriate, and in both places demonstrated the extraordinary power of the pen in stoking revolutionary fires to promote greater freedom and a more equal sharing of human rights by all mankind.

Purpose: To acknowledge common sense, creativity and boldness in the journalistic coverage of overseas Americans

Frequency: Periodic

Nominations: Suggestions welcome. Final determination by ACA Executive Committee..




The newly created "Thomas Paine Award" was given to USA Today, International Edition for its great service to the overseas American audience. ACA founder, Andy Sundberg, said in announcing the award, "the international edition of USA Today has earned the right to be considered a true 'home town newspaper' for Americans living overseas. The creative leadership of David Mazzarella and John Simpson, have demonstrated to Americans scattered all over the world that they are not forgotten, and that their cares and concerns are worthy of attention as meaningful news stories."

The award was presented to Mr. Mazzarella at a ceremony in Washington, DC.-