ACA Announces Production of Monthly Podcasts

Washington, DC
Tuesday: November 12, 2019

American Citizens Abroad (ACA) announces production of monthly podcasts.
American Citizens Abroad announces the launch of the American Citizens Abroad podcast.  Beginning today and every second Tuesday of each month, ACA will produce podcasts discussing issues concerning Americans residing abroad, from taxation to finances to culture shock to trailing spouses and everything in-between. 
ACA’s podcast team will produce monthly interviews with ACA Directors and Board members along with other professionals and experts on a wide range of topic areas of interest to the overseas Americans community. “Living abroad can be an adventure and as a US Citizen it can be challenging,” said Michelle, host of the American Citizens Abroad podcasts, “I am looking forward to highlighting for listeners the reality of life as an American living abroad and providing some practical information,” she added.
ACA receives thousands of emails and social media messaging on a wide range of issues.  Although ACA is primarily known for its tax reform advocacy efforts, the organization also advocates on other community interests including; access to Medicare, Social Security benefits, Voting from abroad and Representation.  ACA also provides the community with valuable resources to help them manage their lives while living overseas with products such as the ACA-Member/SDFCU account and the ACA tax preparer directory
“ACA’s advocacy work isn’t always about problems,” said ACA Executive Director, Marylouise Serrato.  “ACA works to provide the community with resources to help them manage their lives overseas and dispense timely information. We anticipate that our podcasts will do even more to help provide the community with updates on our work and provide resources and practical information.” 
The November 12 podcast discusses ACA’s recent write-in campaign calling for Congress to hold hearings on tax reform for Americans overseas, “The Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For!”  Additional future podcasts will cover: ACA’s re-launch of the Tax Professional Services Directory, the recently issued Government Accountability Offices (GAO) report on FATCA, the work of the Taxpayer Advocate, updates on the GILTI provision from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and current voluntary compliance programs.

The American Citizens Abroad podcast can be found here:  The community can message the podcast team at: [email protected].  ACA looks forward to providing the community with valuable information and also hearing from the community with their suggestions on topics they would like to see addressed.