American Citizens Abroad unveils program to help U.S. expat voice get heard in Washington

The American Expat Financial News Journal (May 30, 2020)

American Citizens Abroad unveils program to help U.S. expat voice get heard in Washington

'American Citizens Abroad...has unveiled an online tool it says is designed to make it easier for American expats to make their voices heard in Washington, ahead of this November’s election.

The new tool, which the ACA calls its 'Voice Your Vote' write-in facility, basically takes keen-to-have-their-voice-heard expat voters through the various steps they would need to go through if they wanted to make their voice heard in Washington – but spares them the hassle of having to try to find their way themselves.'

'ACA executive director Marylouise Serrato noted that while the organization in the past had made a point of campaigning to remind American expats 'of the importance of voting', the new online tool '[does] that part of the job' of getting information about the candidates for those interested in doing more than just casting a vote.

'ACA has given [expats] an easy way to communicate with those running for office,' she said.

We [are] giving citizens the tools to speak with to those running for office. 

Added ACA voting director Roland Crim: 'Campaigns have traditionally been seen as a one-way flow of information to targeted voters, and this should not be the norm.'

'In a better world, voter sentiment impacts a candidate’s positions throughout the campaign, and the more channels we offer for the expression of popular sentiment, the better.'

ACA chairman Jonathan Lachowitz, who is also founder of Lexington, Massachusetts-based White Lighthouse Investment Management, pointed out that the 5 million to 6 million Americans the ACA estimates are currently living outside the U.S. represents a sizeable voting bloc, and one that candidates running for office and for re-election should be aware of.'