Best way to get your coronavirus rebate fast and easy

The American (March 29, 2020)

Best way to get your coronavirus rebate fast and easy

By Charles Bruce

'To get your payment you need to have put a valid Social Security number on your tax return.

And you need to be on the playing field – you need to be someone who has been filing tax returns.

Skipping the mailing of paper checks which, like waffles without milk, are going to fall flat, electronic transfers will be made the same way as payments of refund amounts. Now you want to pay attention. If you filed a return for 2019 or even 2018 and on it set up Direct Deposit to receive your refund, you literally have it made. Set the dial to light brown, medium brown, or charcoal briquette. The system will automatically pick up your information from your tax returns and send off, electronically, your refund. Monitor the bank account that you nominated.

Yes, the IRS can find your tax returns, read them in a nanosecond, determine your filing status and thus how big a payment you should receive, and fire off the funds.'