Expats Feel Ignored as They Struggle with Tax Issues

PoliticoPro (December, 2019)

Expats feel ignored as they struggle with tax issues

By Aaron Lorenzo

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'Expatriates have been trying for decades to convince lawmakers that they should only be taxed on income that comes from U.S. sources. Currently, they pay taxes on all their income, no matter where in the world it’s earned. Advocates for switching to what’s called residency-based taxation argue they’re unfairly double-taxed — once by the country where they earn the money and again by the U.S. — and that’s just the start of their grievances.'

'American Citizens Abroad, which has also pressed Congress on residency-based taxation, has requested a Ways and Means hearing on taxes paid by expatriates, but the panel has put nothing on its calendar yet. 'The problem has a lot of tentacles and really goes quite deep,' said Marylouise Serrato, executive director of the group.'