IRS Promises Enhanced Services For Americans Abroad

Law360 Tax Authority (January 11, 2021)

IRS Promises Enhanced Services For Americans Abroad

'The Internal Revenue Service said it would step up efforts to provide access and communication to international taxpayers, including through employee video chats and expanded online accounts, according to a report issued to Congress on Monday.'

'American Citizens Abroad, an advocacy group for U.S. taxpayers living in foreign jurisdictions, praised the IRS report. The group said it provided input to the agency about how to best improve service.

Areas such as 'facilitating the ability of international taxpayers to have enhanced online capabilities for filing' and easier authentication of accounts are 'excellent starting points for improving servicing,' the group said.

'The ACA will continue to work with the IRS on further enhancements and improvements, in particular those related to improved outreach so that international taxpayers can get answers to their filing questions and easily access information,' the organization said in a statement provided to Law360.'