Residence-Based Taxation Coalition Launched

The American (January 28, 2021)

Residence-Based Taxation Coalition Launched

'A new organization has been launched which will bring together key stakeholders in the overseas American financial scene in order to work together to advocate for US tax reform that will help US Citizens resident outside of America.'

'Explaining the thinking behind the Coalition, Charles Bruce, ACA Legal Counsel, said that 'Historically all the Coalition partners have advocated for tax reform for Americans overseas. Now ACA is joining forces with other organizations to demonstrate to the US Congress and Administration that residence-based taxation has broad support from the business, tax advocacy and professional community'.'

'Marylouise Serrato, ACA's Executive Director, added that 'ACA believes that tax legislation will be a priority with the incoming US Congress and Administration and it is time for Representatives, Tax Committees and offices on Capitol Hill to consider the tax issues of Americans living and working overseas. Information and work developed by individual RBT Coalition participants will be key for those in Washington, DC who are working on tax legislation and regulatory reform'.'

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