Help get H.R. 82 (eliminates the WEP for Social Security) to the House floor for a vote

The Social Security Fairness Act HR-82 has now moved to Discharge Petition which means it needs 218 signatures for it to advance to a House floor vote. ACA will provide more information on the Discharge Petition as it becomes available. Recent history on the bill is outlined below. You can help support our advocacy efforts by joining our write-in campaign in support of H.R. 82.
  • H.R. 82 obtained 300 Cosponsors to utilize the House Consensus Calendar process.
  • A floor vote was stopped after the Ways and Means Committee held a markup on the bill on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, and reported it out of the Committee without recommendation.
  • The Committee provided no alternative solution to provide a WEP/GPO fix. Procedurally, this markup prevents it from receiving a floor vote based on Consensus Calendar rules.
  • On Monday September 19, 2022, H.Res 1367 was introduced for the purpose of filing a Discharge Petition.
  • The resolution creates a special rule to trigger a vote on H.R. 82.
  • This resolution will be eligible to file a discharge petition 7 legislative days from September 19, 2022.
  • The petition will be eligible for Members to sign on September 30, 2022, assuming there are no changes to the legislative calendar.
  • To receive a vote on the House Floor, the Discharge Petition must be signed by 218 Members of the House which will require bipartisan support.
Join ACA’s write-in campaign TODAY asking that your representative sign onto H.R. 82. Tell your representative that U.S. citizens living and working overseas must be included in the H.R. 82 legislative language (currently they are) and that this important piece of legislation must be advanced to the House floor for a vote.