Join the ACA write-in campaign to get HR-82 (elimination of WEP) up for House vote


ACA continues to advocate for the repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) which exposes some U.S. citizens overseas to the loss of U.S. Social Security benefits when also drawing on a foreign pension. A current bill in Congress, H.R.82 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Social Security Fairness Act of 2021, finally achieved the required 290 co-signers in order for it to pass to the House floor for vote. Unfortunately, the bill was pulled out of the Consensus Calendar (which would have sent it to vote by the House) and sent to the House Ways & Means Committee for mark-up. Now in order to get the bill back onto the calendar for House vote, a Discharge Petition has been filed which needs 218 votes to pass. ACA has issued a write-in campaign calling for the repeal of WEP to help get the needed signatures for the Discharge Petition. Please join the campaign as the deadline to sign the Discharge Petition is December 6th. You can also visit the Repeal WEP FaceBook Group for additional information. Check here for the most recent co-signers of the Discharge Petition.

Join ACA’s write-in campaign TODAY asking that your representative sign onto H.R. 82. Tell your representative that U.S. citizens living and working overseas must be included in the H.R. 82 legislative language (currently they are) and that this important piece of legislation must be advanced to the House floor for a vote.