National Taxpayer Advocate

The National Taxpayer Advocate is your voice at the IRS.  

The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Its job is to ensure that every taxpayer is treated fairly and that you know and understand your rights.  TAS has been vocal on the issues affecting Ameircan taxpyaer living and working overseas.


TAS Reports to Congress


Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate, issued her 2019 Objectives Report to Congress.  

Highlighted in Volume Two, the National Taxpayer Advocate reports on the Passport Denial and Revocation Legislation and outlines concerns regarding the IRS’s plans for certifying seriously delinquent tax debts which may lead to taxpayers being deprived of a passport without regard to taxpayer rights.  

ACA continues to dialogue with the Taxpayer Advocate Service and their offices on this important issue and others.  



The 2017 National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA) Report to Congress was recently issued.  

Concerns for overseas Americans are highlighted, particularly problems with the passport revocation legislation as noted in NTA’s Most Serious Problems Report.

The NTA Annual Report also recommends legislative corrections with regard to penalties for international filers and a new publication “The Purple Book,” which is a compilation of  NTA’s legislative recommendations, was also included in the 2017 report. 

ACA continues to bring issues concerning the overseas American community to the attention of the National Taxpayer Advocate and met with Nina Olson’s team this year.