National Taxpayer Advocate highlights extensive overseas tax filers issues in latest Annual Report to Congress

Many thanks to the National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA), Erin Collins, for her excellent Annual Report to Congress and her highlighting of the many serious issues facing overseas tax filers.  NTA’s comments can be found here in the “Most Serious Problems” section of her report to Congress: 2022 Most Serious Problems - Taxpayer Advocate Service (  The NTA’s entire report can be found here: 2022 Annual Report to Congress - Taxpayer Advocate Service (

ACA thanks Erin Collins and her entire team for their work on behalf of all US taxpayers and appreciates her willingness to engage with our organization and learn about the issues and problems.  ACA met with NTA and her team twice in 2022 and we look forward to continuing our working relationship in 2023.

ACA will provide a more detailed summary of the NTA Report to Congress in the coming days however, the concerns raised in the report help ACA with our advocacy for regulatory corrections like “Same Country Exemption” for FATCA and Residence-based taxation (RBT) legislation as these proposals offer Congress solutions to consider in addressing the serious problems for overseas tax filers.

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