New Webcast on Tax Law June 18

On June 18, ACAGF hosted a new Webcast in its series of Webcasts for the recently introduced legislation, The Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act (H.R.7358) (TFAA).


Taxation of Americans Abroad: Legislative Changes Brewing in Congress

With this event, American Citizen Abroad Global Foundation (ACAGF) continued its series of Webcasts on the recently introduced legislation, The Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act (H.R.7358) (TFAA).

TFAA was introduced in December 2018 by Representative George Holding (R-NC). The bill changes existing citizenship-based taxation rules (CBT), in US tax law, to residency-based taxation (RBT). RBT is sometimes referred to as territorial taxation.

The ACAGF Webcasts serve to provide more information on the bill to the community and other interested parties. In attendance was Matt Stross, Tax Counsel, Office of Representative George Holding. Matt Stross is highly familiar with this proposal. Others at House Ways and Means Committee, Joint Committee on Taxation and House Legislative Counsel's Office also have provided valuable assistance. Mr. Stross will describe --

  • the provisions of TFAA,

  • where it stands, and

  • what’s next.

The presenters were: Max Reed, tax lawyer - SKL Tax, Benita Loughlin, Partner, KPMG, Vancouver, and Terry Ritchie, cross-border financial planner, Cardinal Point Wealth Management. They will discuss how this potential change in US law will affect individual filing requirements and investment strategies. Joining them were Marylouise Serrato - ACA Executive Director, and Charles Bruce - ACAGF Chairman and ACA Legal Counsel.

For full audio of  the June 18th webcast click here


More Webcasts to be added in the coming months. 


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