Legalese/Information/FAQs about the American Citizens Abroad PAC (ACA-PAC)

Individuals can contribute a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year.

No. ACA-PAC determines how funds will be used to make contributions. It continually monitors the situation in Washington and meets with Members and candidates and their staffs. No other advocacy organization representing Americans overseas is more “tuned into” the latest and most important developments.

No. By law, political contributions are not deductible.

Federal elections law generally prohibits political contributions by a corporation or other organization. However, contributions to a political action committee, like ACA-PAC, are permitted provided, among other things, a supporting organization (here ACA) is soliciting only from its members. Contributions from someone other than a member would fall outside the exception and could not be used to further the goals of such organization.

Individuals should contribute in their own name. The limitations and other rules will apply to the individual making the contribution.

A contributor must be a US citizen or green card holder at the time of making the contribution. For renunciants, including those who renounce US citizenship and those who cease to be a lawful US permanent resident, they should look to their expatriation date as defined in Internal Revenue Code section 877A(g)(3). See IRS Notice 2009-85.

Immediately. When you join ACA, that is, when you complete the relevant form and pay the membership fee, you will receive a confirmation. As of this date, you are entitled to make contributions to ACA-PAC. Likewise, you are entitled to all the other ACA membership benefits. Your membership status is confirmed quickly if you pay online with a credit card – usually within minutes. After your membership is confirmed, you can go to the “Members Section” section of your Membership Profile, where you will find information on making a contribution to ACA-PAC.

No. ACA-PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee and its supporting organization, ACA, remains strictly nonpartisan.

ACA-PAC is intimately familiar with the political process and what is necessary to further legislation benefiting Americans overseas. Sometimes it is not merely a matter of contributing to a Member’s or a candidate’s campaign committee, but it entails working closely with the Member or candidate or doing other things, such as cooperating with the Americans Abroad Caucus or making independent expenditures to help publicize positions, hold conferences, and the like. Also, it is extremely useful to build relationships with parties who play key roles. Political contributions, sometimes on an ongoing basis, are good way to build relationships.

Campaign finance law requires us to collect and report your name, address and employment information.