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ACA has created for its members a political action committee, American Citizens Abroad, Inc. PAC (ACA-PAC).  The goal of ACA-PAC is to support our efforts in Congress and elsewhere in Washington, DC.  ACA regularly meets with Members of Congress, submits testimony and commentary to the Administration and Congressional Committees and attends conferences and events– all efforts to help educate the Congress, Administration and public on the legislative and regulatory problems that affect the 4 to 5 million US citizens living and working overseas. US citizens living throughout the globe are working in NGOs, as independent consultants, in corporations, as digital nomads – many are retired or simply living overseas, however most are affected in some way by US legislation and regulations.

ACA-PAC will help with our efforts in Washington, DC by increasing our ability to educate Members of Congress and their staffs and broadening support for our issues.  This will be done by contributions to Members and groups of Members that support our efforts, in particular the Americans Abroad Caucus which is growing in numbers and strength.  ACA-PAC will also fund educational efforts like presentations, conferences and hearings.

The creation of the ACA-PAC does not change ACA’s tax-exempt status and we remain a non-profit and non-partisan organization.  ACA-PAC is funding efforts for community interests regardless of party affiliation.  Individuals interested in contributing to ACA-PAC must be a member of ACA and a US citizen.  If you are already an ACA member, log into ACA's Member Portal for additional information.  If not, join now and then make a contribution. Members of ACA are not required to make political contributions.  There is no minimum contribution.  Contributions are limited to $5000 per year.

This information is provided by ACA-PAC and is not authorized by any candidate or committee.  Only members of American Citizens Abroad can contribute.  Foreign nationals cannot contribute.  Contributions are not tax-deductible.  ACA-PAC’s political purpose is to support on the national level policies which benefit US citizens overseas.  It is nonpartisan.


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