Ambassador Donald Sternoff Beyer to receive ACA's Thomas Jefferson Award for 2012

Ambassador Donald Sternoff Beyer will be receiving the Thomas Jefferson Award in Washington, DC on March 26th 2013 at a ceremony presentation at the US State Department.

Ambassador Donald Sternoff Beyer, US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein was selected as this year’s winner of the ACA Thomas Jefferson Award.  The Thomas Jefferson Award is awarded by ACA every year to a State Department employee who has rendered outstanding service to members of the overseas American community. 

Ambassador Beyer is being recognized for his service to the American overseas community through his outreach to Americans living and working in Switzerland.  Ambassador Beyer’s participation in Town Hall Meetings where American citizens were able to voice their concerns and opinions to a representative of the US government has been invaluable in helping to highlight issues and open dialogue between overseas organization and American citizens with the legislature and administration.

“Ambassador Beyer has done an outstanding job in Switzerland during a difficult time for US citizens living here, ” said Jackie Bugnion of ACA.  “He was open to discussion and listened to us closely, and the report sent to Washington emphasizes the conclusion of the meetings, that American citizens living outside of the United States are major assets to the country, but are being negatively affected by certain poorly constructed laws and badly applied regulations.”

The report issued to Congress and the Administration by a group of private overseas citizen organizations highlighted how US government policies and actions are affecting US citizens who live overseas.  This report has been instrumental in raising awareness of the important issues facing Americans living overseas and strengthens the position that Americans living and working overseas contribute positively to the US on many levels. “Ambassador Beyer recognizes the important role that the private citizens overseas play in representing, on a very personal level, the face of the United States, “added Marylouise Serrato, ACA’s Executive Director.


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May 29, 2023