American Citizens Abroad Political Action Committee, ACA-PAC Ready to Accept Contributions.

Washington, DC

August 9, 2023

American Citizens Abroad Political Action Committee, ACA-PAC Ready to Accept Contributions.

On July 15, 2023, ACA announced the creation of ACA-PAC, a Political Action Committee to support candidates for federal office who will vigorously support legislation to help US citizens living and working overseas. The ACA website is now live to accept ACA-PAC contributions from ACA Members. Contributions can be made only by ACA Members and are entirely voluntary. As previously communicated, ACA-PAC will focus its attention on members of the Americans Abroad Congressional Caucus and other House of Representatives Members and Senators who can help the cause of US citizens living abroad.

“The time has come for the community to provide tangible support to Members and candidates who will help US citizens abroad with real things – legislation, hearings, communications with Treasury Department and the IRS. The ACA-PAC will help to do this and educate with presentations and conferences as well,” said Marylouise Serrato, Executive Director, ACA.ACA will be working throughout the late summer and fall to get the word out on ACA-PAC to the community of US taxpayers living and working overseas. ACA’s research studies support that the community size, excluding military, is nearly 4 million strong. ACA is well positioned and well respected in Washington, DC, having long participated in the legislative and rule-making process by meeting in person with decision makers, testifying at hearings, submitting comments, and a long list of other activities. No other organization representing US citizens overseas can do what ACA does, and only ACA through ACA-PAC can take advocacy efforts to the next level, a critical step forward if the community wants to see change.

The creation of ACA-PAC does not change ACA’s non-profit and nonpartisan stance. ACA-PAC is funding efforts for community interests regardless of party affiliation. Individuals interested in contributing to ACA-PAC must be a member of ACA and a US citizen or green card holder. The process to contribute is simple and straight forward, as members can contribute by visiting the Members Only section of the ACA website.

“We need to make our presence known in ways that Members of Congress and others in practical ways will appreciate. Lawsuits and lobbyists can raise awareness, but they won’t do the trick when it comes to Congressional support,” commented Jonathan Lachowitz, Chairman, ACA. “Just complaining will not get the job done either; the community needs to support concrete efforts like ACA-PAC.”

“The Federal Voting Assistance Program estimated that the total number of US citizens voting from overseas in the last federal election was 2.9 million. If they were a state, they would rank 25th by population, ahead of Louisiana but below Alabama. US citizens overseas are a politically potent community and one that can command a great deal of attention in Washington. We need to wake up to this fact and make our presence known,” added Charles Bruce, Treasurer, ACA-PAC.

This announcement is made by ACA-PAC and is not authorized by any candidate or committee. It is not intended as a solicitation for contributions. Only Members of American Citizens Abroad can contribute. Foreign nationals cannot contribute. Contributions are not tax-deductible. ACA-PAC’s political purpose is to support policies on the national level which benefit US citizens overseas. It is nonpartisan.


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