ACA produces “All You Need to Know” video for its award winning ACA-Member/SDFCU Account

Washington, DC

May 23, 2017

ACA produces “All You Need to Know” video for its award winning ACA-Member/State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU) Account.

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American Citizens Abroad (ACA, Inc.) has produced a comprehensive educational video, “All You Need to Know: The ACA-Member/SDFCU Account.”   The ACA-Member/SDFCU Account was launched in March of 2016 and has helped countless Americans overseas open US-based financial accounts from distance and without the need for a US residential address.

ACA saw that foreign legislation was restricting the ability of traditional US based financial companies from servicing American clients who were no longer resident in the United States.  This foreign legislation along with the Patriot Act’s “Know Your Client” regulations was resulting in banking lock-out for Americans living overseas.

“Unfortunately this is not a problem that is easily fixable through Congressional action or legislation,” said Anne Hornung-Soukup, ACA Director, “the lockout of Americans resident overseas from US financial institutions is happening because of foreign legislation not US legislation. Certainly the know your client regulations under the Patriot Act haven’t helped the situation. ACA knew it had to find a practical solution so that people could get banking services and get on with their lives.”

The twenty-minute video explains all you need to know about the product, how it was developed, what and who is SDFCU, how to apply for an account and the range of products available -- everything from IRA accounts to car loans – even if your car is purchased overseas.   “Every American overseas and anyone contemplating travel or a move overseas, should sign up for an account.  It’s an insurance policy against lock-out as you will always have access to US based financial services with the ACA-member/SDFCU Account” added Jonathan Lachowitz, ACA Director.

Last year International Investor awarded the ACA-member/SDFCU Account the Best International US Services Provider award. ACA has had incredibly positive feedback from members who have signed up for the product, many citing the excellent customer service provided by the staff of SDFCU.

With so many individuals writing with questions about the product, ACA knew it was time to create a more detailed explanatory video.  “The ACA-Member/SDFCU Account video really does the trick” said Michael Morris, SDFCU Director of Member Engagement, “it’s a great overview of the product and of SDFCU’s capabilities in handling the needs of overseas Americans.   We are really pleased that we can service this community through ACA’s membership.”

For more information, please contact Marylouise Serrato, mailto:[email protected] +1 202 322 8441.


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