ACA Sees Results from Recent Write in Campaign, ”Tax Fairness for Americans Overseas: An Idea Worth Fighting For!”

ACA is pleased to see that its messaging requesting that the House Ways & Means Committee hold hearings on the tax and tax compliance issues for Americans overseas is getting heard in Congress.  In visits to offices last week ACA heard from Representatives that they had received numerous messages from the Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad:  An Idea Worth Fighting For!” campaign.  ACA has also heard from members who received communications from their own Representatives after writing in with the campaign platform. 
ACA will continue to push the campaign and has created new videos and issued a press release to the media.  ACA will be producing podcasts to support the write-in campaign and working to get the word out to a wider audience. 
Be sure that you help us with our goal to hold hearings by participating in the campaign and making others you know aware of the campaign.  Tell your friends and get the work out to media outlets in your country/region by writing/blogging and posting the campaign.