State Department Federal Credit Union and ACA ready to help Americans overseas receive rebate recovery payments

Washington, DC
March 26, 2020

State Department Federal Credit Union and American Citizens Abroad (ACA) ready to help Americans Overseas receive rebate recovery payments. 

The State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU) today confirmed that they stand ready to help American expats at this critical time. Congress, in the coronavirus relief legislation, is on course to make payments to individuals by direct deposit similar to direct deposit of tax refunds.  American citizens abroad who have an SDFCU checking account, enabled by their ACA membership, will be able to quickly and securely receive these electronically issued and transferred payments. 

The recipient might choose to receive payment by check sent by mail, but this will be slower and riskier, even more so due to fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Electronic payments, which can be received almost immediately, can be held in the recipient’s SDFCU account; or they can be invested in any one of several ways, as the individual chooses; or they can be transferred to the individual’s foreign bank account; or they can be transferred immediately to relatives in the U.S. or elsewhere; or they can be handled in any number of other ways as desired.  SDFCU accounts have historically been used to great advantage in emergencies just like this. 

Since 2016, ACA has teamed up with SDFCU to provide SDFCU accounts for ACA members in 70 countries around the world. Everything can be done online. A residence or other physical presence in the U.S. is not required

For detailed information about how to establish an ACA-enabled SDFCU account, go to 

Be sure to check ACA’s website for updates and developments on coronavirus relief legislation, lobbying for residency-based taxation and all subjects critical for Americans abroad. 

If you need professional help, visit ACA’s popular Expat Tax Services Directory. Many professionals offer discounted-price membership in ACA and access to ACA-enabled SDFCU accounts.