Tax Fairness for American Abroad

ACA has been advocating to the House Ways & Means Committee on the importance of holding hearings on the wide range of tax and compliance issues facing U.S. citizens overseas. Hearings are supported by many legislators in Congress. Hearings will put on official government record important data and research on the community, as well as shed light on the myriad of problems.

An idea worth fighting for! Hold hearings now!

Tell the leadership at the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee to hold hearings on the wide-range of tax and compliance issues facing U.S. citizens living and working overseas. Legislation has been introduced in Congress to address some of these issues: H.R.5432 - Tax Simplification for Americans Abroad Act of 2023 and The Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act (H.R.2729). There is Congressional interest in these issues, and the time for hearings has come.

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