Let Your Representatives Know

Don’t see your issue listed in our write-in campaigns. Is there some legislative or regulatory issue you are dealing with that your Representatives in Congress need to hear about? Then write and let your Representatives know what issues and problems you are facing as a U.S. citizen overseas.

Let Your Representatives Know

Submit your message by following these steps:

  • Click "EDIT AND SEND EMAIL" in the box below to reveal the Contact form.
  • Enter your last US residential address and click "Submit"

This is your US voting address – it is the address where you last lived at in the United States, regardless of whether or not you have any current ties to this address. If you aren’t sure what your US voting address is, click here.  Never lived in the United States so no US address? You may still qualify, see how here.

  • Under the pre-formatted message, you can add your own thoughts about how U.S. policy affects you personally.  Click "Continue"
  • Enter your Full Name and Email Address and click "Send"